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Testimonials for Tim Clarke ...


From Coaching Clients:
Tim helped me map out my ideas for my career and see everything visually. It helped me organise my thoughts. Tim was very upbeat and enthusiastic and this was  a great help. I wouldn't hesitate to come back to Tim if I needed any help in the future.
Rosie K in Shipston-on-Stour. (Rosie is a successful photographer working in the UK TV/ film industry)
It has been very interesting working with Tim. It has given me confidence-you don't always appreciate your strengths. The I.T. Literacy idea we came up with was brilliant. Barry W in Shipston-on-Stour. (Barry is currently developing several UK properties, and is currently examining which way his success should lead him.)
Tim has been a wonderfully positive coach. I found his help greatly uplifting. During the sessions Tim would give me invaluable thinking time to record the actions I might take. I found this gentle creation of space really useful. I started to see things from a new perspective, and he helped me to see the bigger picture, and what I really wanted to achieve. In follow-up sessions, Tim would ask brilliant questions, and reignited my motivation. I felt safe and not judged.
Susannah E in Norfollk (Susannah has 3 successful businesses.)

'Tim was extremely helpful in getting me through my A level physics. He explained things in a new and fresh way which was easy to understand and showed me some very useful new methods for revision. He transformed my understanding of the subject and I would highly recommend.' (A-Level Physics tutoring)

Henry R. in Hook Norton

From a Colleague:"Tim has worked successfully in this large boarding school for a number of years. He has taught up to A- level and will be able to do anything you ask of him." 

Jeff Lickess, former Head of Maths at Uppingham School.


"Tim is a truly likeable personality. He is organised and reliable, but he is also spontaneous." 

David Kirk former housemaster at Uppngham School

From a Student:


"I can honestly say I could not have done it without you." (IGCSE English and Maths)



From Parents:

"Katie did really well in her A levels with an A in her Maths. We are so proud of her. Thank you for all your help. We are very grateful."  Nikki in Kineton.

"Tim Clarke is an excellent tutor as he is able to gear his teaching methods to my daughters learning preferences.  Tim supported my daughter with her GCSE maths and was able to give her confidence in a subject that she finds difficult. 

Tim ensured that my daughter was familiar with the basic mathematical theories first before moving on to more complex problems.   In addition my daughter benefitted from having these basic theories reinforced on a regular basis to cement her level understanding.  Tim paced the lessons to my daughter’s level of understanding and was subtle in his checking methods so that she did not feel that she had repeated subject matter."

"Tim provided a structured prepared lesson but he would always ask if there was a subject that she had covered in class that she wanted to repeat or have explained to her.  In this way Tim’s lesson supported and built on the learning that had already taken place and reinforced the subject matter."


"Tim established her individual learning preferences and if there was a topic that was of interest to my daughter Tim would capitalise on this and hence keep her concentration levels high.  In addition Tim would take a short break to aid concentration."  


"Tim is able to target the lessons to subject matter that was of interest to my daughter and always sought out practical examples that were of relevance, this made the subject matter memorable to her."


"Tim had a full understanding of the particular exam board requirements and text books that she was using in class so this provided continuity and focus."  


"As the exam approached Tim was able to cover practice papers with my daughter and offered advice on exam technique.

She has gone on to get a good grade at her GCSE mathematics paper (higher level).   

Hence I would recommend Tim as an excellent tutor." 


Sandra Stokes, mother.



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